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I find myself facing a darker part of my life just now. Society would have me cover it up and pretend everything is "fine" but is that really useful to anyone? I keep myself to myself and so am not thrusting my troubles in peoples faces. I am still capable of being there for people, I can still help others and even make them happy so why does society declare that unless we internalize everything and hide ourselves we are weak? I argue that to be honest is strength, to know that people will judge, look down upon you but still show yourself honestly is an act of strength. People know what they are dealing with when you are honest and no mind games ensue. Perhaps if someone sees another persons suffering, survival and healing then they will believe it is possible for them to deal with hardships when they come close to home. That is my view of the situation. That view is in no way to look down upon any other method of dealing with, or not dealing with, situations. I do not do that.
 I am always intrigued and fascinated by people who display themselves, there deepest emotions and such through their art and I highly value such honesty in creativity. I think it is vastly important to the creator and the viewer.
 I would love to be able to do so but I always seem incapable of putting my ideas onto paper, how on earth do you force yourself to do it?
 To all those suffering out there and sharing it in art or any other form I applaud you and I am inspired by such things.
 I suppose in the end our suffering just greatans our capacity for empathy and understanding. I hope for healing rather than distraction. I hope for strength and self knowing. I hope to love life again. I hope this for all others in such dark places where the only thing to hope for is death.
 Keep creating, it is fuel for the soul and food for the imagination and therefor inspires dreams and that creates change for an individual and for the world. 
 There is no real reason for this post other than to share why I have been so inactive on here, despite more modelling work, and to show how inspiring I find many of you and your art. 


Artistic and alternative model
Artist | Professional | Other
United Kingdom
I am an model amongst other things looking to collaborate with all sorts of wonderful creative individuals....

A creative soul. I long to create beautifull, important and empowering images that really tell a story, make an important statement or reach out to someone. I use modelling as a form of self expression and exploration and am often on the look out for kindred spirits to help me recreate the dreams and imagery that lurk in the depths of my imagination. Self expression : There are things I want to say to the world and I have started using modelling as a means to do so allthough i also dabble in photography and artwork. You will see images on this profile that are undoubtedly "me" but also images where i have been the medium to help other artists express their ideas and thoughts. Exploration : I am continuously exploring this modelling world and also do shoots that are to me quite simply fun and quirky, bizarre and dark or merely take my fancy. I adore posing for life art workshops as I feel these often give me a chance to explore my creativity and contribute in a way to other artists, it is fascinating to see the individuals interpretation of the human form. I am constantly on the look out for a photography project that will push my boundaries and really challenge me. I work hard and am passionate about my work, I allways bring a sense of friendly proffesionalism to the shoot. Feel free to approach me with ideas no matter what they be, I try not to judge.
I would like to meet other creative souls that may be interested in collaborating with me wether they be photographers, artists, performers or other models. I want to be challenged in my modelling, I am happy to pose nude atop mountains in winter, climb up cliff faces, swim in the sea, get covered in mud, whatever! I am the tom boy that has spent her time growing up in the wilds climbing trees, building huts and making fire I am not afraid of a challenge
Other interests that i have that may help in photoshoots include: bellydancing, martial arts (I studied ninjutsu, aikido and tai chi and have done a litle archery), i am a freeclimber, kayaker and general adrenaline junkie. I am also a bit of an artist and photographer on the side far from proffesional but creative non the less.
Currently i hve access to a very good wardrobe and a plethora of props which i am more than happy to use on shoots.
I find myself inspired by fantasy, the spiritual, old paganism, mythology (particularly celtic and norse), artwork the likes of "Louis Royo" and pre rapheaolite artist "Waterhouse", gothic and alternative work interests me and I am branching out into fetish art. These are not the style of work i am limited to merely the genres for whch i allready have a plethora of ideas available for use but generally I am up for many different styles. I will also do art nude for the right artists.

Current Residence: Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. but I travel a lot and generally wander the wilds too.
Favourite genre of music: Most types of Metal, some folk, symphonic, and generally unusual and creative music.
Favourite photographer: Far too many to choose and I have been lucky to work with some of my favourites :D
Favourite style of art: Fantasy, Gothic, pre-rapheaolite, anything inspired by nature.
Personal Quote: scars are just memmories of what we have survived

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